sanitary napkin uv treated sterilizer machine Diaper Machine:The Princess’s Castle

sanitary napkin uv treated sterilizer machine Diaper Machine:The Princess’s Castle

  “Umm, what are these?” Nikki asked, stopping suddenly as she walked in, hardly able to believe what she was seeing in her adult little sister’s apartment. And not even hidden, just right there in the open…

  She’d seen Alyssa recently enough to know the girl wasn’t, and hadn’t been pregnant; even if she had been, these diapers were meant for someone much bigger than your average baby. That also ruled out the idea that Alyssa had, for some reason, decided to turn her home into a daycare, which would otherwise have seemed like a possibility, considering the baby toys strewn around the living room, as well. Not that she could imagine anyone – much less, multiple anyones – leaving their children in her sister’s care.

  Alyssa shrugged, having enough dignity to blush a little, though that seemed about as far as her humility went. “You know,” she pointed out.

  “Yes,” Nikki had to agree. She’d seen them plenty of times, but never in such huge numbers, and, again, never quite as proudly displayed, as if this wasn’t something to be embarrassed about. “But why are they here? Are you still..?”

  “What? No!” Alyssa giggled. “No, that was all you, big sis.”

  Nikki was the one blushing now, far deeper than Alyssa – and for good reason. While she’d never had this many, she was quite familiar with the things she saw folded up on the shelves, much more than she liked to admit. “I don’t need them now, though,” she squirmed. “I haven’t wet the bed in a long time… But there was that one time when I caught you…”

  “Right,” Alyssa nodded. “I did borrow some of them for you… I probably told you I was having some bedwetting issues, too, didn’t I? That was a bit of a fib… I’d just seen you wearing them, and I was kind of curious, so I took a few to try out. And… Well…” She nodded over towards the shelf. “Clearly, I got a few more, once I had my own place.”

  “But aren’t you afraid people will see them?!?” Nikki felt her face growing even redder, getting more embarrassed simply from being this close to the things.

  “No, of course not,” Alyssa shook her head. “My friends know. Most of them don’t care, and some of them even like them, too. I thought… Well, you wore them for so long, so I figured maybe you didn’t actually NEED them, so much as…”

  “I didn’t wear them for that long!” Nikki squealed, mortified. It had been a couple years, if that, and her doctor had told her it was perfectly normal for girls that age… Although, something else her sister had said required her attention, keeping her from defending herself further. “You LIKE them?!” Maybe it was just her history with them, but that was something she could never imagine saying about diapers.

  “Yeah,” Alyssa shrugged. “It’s a whole thing… I honestly thought you knew. I found these special diapers online, and I was going to offer to let you try them out before my friends get here, but if you aren’t into it…”

  “No, I’m not into it!” Nikki’s face felt like a furnace now, not having had a chance to cool off for most of this conversation.

  Alyssa eyed her, raising an eyebrow. “Okay…” she said, clearly unconvinced.

  “I’m not!” Nikki protested. “And what do you mean, ‘special’?!”

  “See? I knew you were interested!” Alyssa grinned.

  “No, I just don’t know what makes a ‘special’ diaper,” Nikki corrected her. “There are a bunch of different kinds here already, and they all look about the same…”

  “Well,” Alyssa’s eyes lit up. “Let me show you.”


  It was quite odd, seeing Alyssa holding a diaper; as the youngest, there had never been anyone else for the girl to put them on, and she’d never been into babysitting. Other than when she’d been a toddler, fetching them for someone else to change her into, the only other time it had happened was that incident when Nikki had caught her in her room, rummaging through the drawer where she kept her own diapers hidden, constantly terrified that one of her friends would somehow notice them if they came over for a sleepover, or even just to hang out.

  Alyssa had, of course, known about her problem – she’d teased her mercilessly at first, until their mother made her stop and apologize – but there was no reason for her to know where Nikki kept the diapers themselves. Like any pesky little sister, Nikki assumed she’d snuck into her room when she was out and discovered them there by accident, at first, then gone back to them when she ‘needed’ them, although, now, she had to wonder if that hadn’t been the girl’s goal all along.

  The diaper Alyssa brought out this time did look different from the ones Nikki had worn, but so did almost all of the ones on the shelf, too… They were different colors, and some had a different number of tapes, though, in essence, there wasn’t much else to set them apart, as far as Nikki could tell. She didn’t know why Alyssa needed so many kinds, nor could she reason out what made this other one ‘special’, why her sister kept it somewhere else, when she had so many other ones on display.

  Alyssa seemed to take it seriously, however, making Nikki promise to stay put on the couch when she went to fetch the thing, only to return with what looked, at first – and even second – glance to be just another color variation. Nikki had half expected it to be the same kind she’d worn for bedwetting, that this would be a cruel prank, to try to make her wear them again, to re-live that mortifying experience, but Alyssa didn’t even offer it to her.

  “Can you help me?” she asked. “I’m still not great at putting them on myself, so one of my friends usually helps. I don’t wanna leak or anything…”

  “Are you planning on using it that much?” Nikki wrinkled her nose, before she could stop herself. Honestly, as embarrassing as it was for her, personally, it was pretty harmless, and even, in a way, kind of cute… At least for Alyssa. She didn’t want to condemn it just because of her own bad experiences, but she also wasn’t sure she was ready to jump into it that fully. The thought of using them intentionally at all was pretty foreign to Nikki, much less to the point where a leak would be a possibility.

  “I don’t know,” Alyssa shrugged. “That’s the fun of it!”

  “O… kay…” Nikki frowned, confused, yet willing to assist if it only meant ensuring her sister’s diaper was tugged snug enough before taping it into place. Briefly, it transported her back in time, to when she’d been a little girl herself, barely out of diapers, helping her mother take care of her new then baby sister. They were some of her earliest memories… And some she hadn’t expected to experience again quite like this.

  “All right,” she declared, once the diaper was in place and secured, offering her hand to help Alyssa up onto her feet. “So, again… What makes these ‘special’? They seem pretty… Whoa!”

  She gasped, heart pounding as she let go of Alyssa’s hand, and the girl immediately plummeted towards the floor, landing in a crinkly heap on her thickly diapered bottom. “Are you okay?!” she asked, terrified she’d somehow hurt her sister.

  “Oh, this is new,” Alyssa giggled, apparently unconcerned by her tumble.

  “What? Scaring the daylights out of me?” Nikki grumbled. She could think of plenty of other times that had happened, if not exactly like this. “Come on.”

  She offered her hand again, but Alyssa shook her head. “It isn’t going to do any good,” she explained. “I can’t walk.”

  Nikki rolled her eyes. “Of course you can. You might be a klutz sometimes, but you literally just walked into the room like ten seconds ago, and…”

  “No,” Alyssa stopped her. “That’s what the diaper did… It made it so I have to crawl.”

  “Are you playing pretend?” Nikki frowned. “Diapers can’t do that… Well, unless they were really thick, I guess…”

  “I told you,” Alyssa smiled. “These ones are special…”


  It was a strange game, Nikki thought, though not any stranger than the adult woman deciding to wear the diapers in the first place. And Alyssa did, at least, commit to her little story, staying on her hands and knees, other than when Nikki helped her get onto her feet. Even then, Nikki could feel her sister’s hesitance when she tried to actually walk, while tightly grasping her hand, how shaky she was, how much she was leaning on her big sister… It was a relatively convincing act, for what it was, but, of course, not anything more than that.

  Nikki assumed the diaper Alyssa had gone to get had just been in her room, perhaps a private stash for when she wanted to put one on at night, or in the morning, and not come out to the main stash out here. Why she felt the need to come up with this whole story, or pretend that the diaper had partially paralysed her, she didn’t quite understand, but she didn’t get the appeal of the rest of it, either. The only thing she could think was, once Alyssa tired of it, she wanted to seem a little more helpless when she pouted up at her and asked, “Can you help me change out of it now?”

  “Sure, why not?” Nikki shrugged. Sure enough, the diaper was wet, though it hadn’t leaked, at least. Once the diaper was off, and Alyssa’s crotch cleaned up, the girl hopped up, no problem, and got herself dressed, her little game of make-believe over. Nikki wasn’t entirely sure what to say, once it was over, and Alyssa was pulling her shorts back up over her panties, unsure whether her sister wanted her to play along that she thought this was real or not.

  “So,” Nikki said finally, “That’s what you and your friends do?”

  “Some of them,” Alyssa nodded. “They aren’t all into it. That’s okay, though… We still talk to the lame ones.” She giggled, apparently unaffected by everything she’d just done in front of her sister. “Actually, Abby is coming over in a bit to play… I didn’t want to bring everyone over at once for your first time, but I guess you aren’t interested.”

  Nikki could hardly believe her sister would have ever thought this was something she’d want to do, although she supposed she hadn’t exactly gone to the girl with her complaints when she’d been in diapers for bedwetting. It hadn’t been a subject she wanted to discuss with anyone, least of all her kid sister. “No, I don’t think so,” she shook her head. “But, if you two want to do whatever…” After what she’d just seen, it was easy to think of her sister and her friends as still kids, in need of supervision… She didn’t mind providing that, even if she didn’t want to take things any further than that herself.

  Of Alyssa’s friends – the ones Nikki knew, anyway – Abby was probably the least annoying, so she was a good choice, on Alyssa’s part. She’d always been shy, as a kid, and was still quiet, but she was pretty smart, and, when Nikki had been able to get her talking, they’d had some very nice conversations. She couldn’t help wondering if Alyssa had warned the other girl she was going to be there, though, since, as soon as she walked in and saw her, she turned a bit pale.

  “It’s all right,” Nikki promised. “I know all about… this…” She waved her hand around the room; how could she walk into this house and not know? She wondered if their parents knew, or if Alyssa cleared the baby stuff away before they came over. Their mom had never mentioned any of it to Nikki, and she wasn’t the best at keeping secrets, so Nikki suspected she didn’t know, but perhaps she had learned to keep her mouth shut.

  “Oh,” Abby’s eyes widened. “Are you..? I-I wasn’t sure I believed her, but Alyssa told me you…”

  “No!” Nikki blushed. “I only wore them because I wet the bed!” She blushed, having never admitted to that quite as loudly as in her outburst just then, and never to anyone outside her family. As many times as Abby had slept over, however, she’d always been afraid the girl had caught a glimpse of her in them, and wondered about the bulge in her PJ pants.

  Despite Alyssa’s claim that her friends usually helped her into the diapers, now that Nikki was here, neither her nor Abby seemed confident in their abilities, so she wound up taping them both in…. Not that she really minded. She was curious to see how much Abby was willing to commit to the game, if she was going to play along, or if it was only going to be Alyssa.

  As soon as Abby’s diaper was on, the girl started sucking on her thumb, prompting Nikki to offer her a pacifier, like she’d done with her sister earlier. “I don’ feew any diffewent,” Abby frowned.

  “Oh!” Alyssa giggled, pointing at her friend. “You got baby talk!”

  “Nuh-uh!” Abby pouted. “I can tawk just… Oh…” She blushed, apparently hearing herself – or pretending to, anyway – for the first time. “What about you?”

  “I don’t know yet,” Alyssa shrugged. “I guess we’ll find out!”


  It was a lot like watching a pair of actual toddlers, sitting on the sofa as the two played on the floor, seemingly content with the simplest of toys and games. Alyssa, especially, was having fun teasing her friend, making her say things that she knew the other girl would have to lisp her way through.

  Nikki wouldn’t really have expected Abby to keep up the act nearly as long, or as well, as Alyssa, yet the girl took her by surprise, never wavering from her baby talk. As for Alyssa, after a few minutes, Abby took the opportunity to try and turn the tide a bit, pointing at the other girl’s diaper and asking, “Awe you wet awweady?”

  “No,” Alyssa shook her head, though she seemed uncertain, fidgeting on the spot, then glancing down at her diaper to see the damp spot there. “I guess so… I must have gotten the incontinence one!”

  “Oh, please,” Nikki rolled her eyes, unable to contain herself. The girls looked up at her from the floor. “If you want to use your diaper, just do it, you don’t have to come up with some lame excuse… I already had to change you once today, remember? Those diapers aren’t even the same, and neither is the same as the one you had on before, so…”

  “That’s so you can tell them apart, once you’ve figured out what they do,” Alyssa informed her, matter-of-factly. “Or I think so, anyway… Sometimes, more than one design does the same thing. Maybe they just wanted to have some variety in how they looked.”

  “If you two want to play baby, that’s fine with me,” Nikki told them. “You didn’t have to come up with this weird story…”

  “It’s twue!” Abby insisted.

  “No, it isn’t,” Nikki replied. “I’m not stupid… There’s no such thing as magic, and if there was, it wouldn’t be in diapers.”

  “Then try one,” Alyssa challenged, leaping on the opportunity, as if she’d been waiting for her sister to call her out so she could. “If they aren’t magic, then it’ll just be a diaper, like you wear to bed anyway.”

  “Not anymore!” Nikki blushed. “And I don’t need to put one on to know it’s not real. Just admit it.”

  But they wouldn’t, and, finally, Nikki gave in, agreeing to wear one of the diapers long enough to prove them wrong, and put an end to this. While Nikki had plenty of experience diapering herself, Alyssa still insisted on helping, claiming it was so, depending on the effect, Nikki wouldn’t hurt herself; really, Nikki was pretty sure she wanted to be able to say she’d diapered her older sister, something not many people got to do.

  Sitting down on the thick padding instantly took her back a few years, to when she’d had to do this every night. Instantly – despite them both being diapered already – Nikki felt incredibly self-conscious, being around two other people like this, even before Alyssa began taping her up. “It’ll be all right,” Alyssa cooed as Nikki shivered at the sound of the tape being opened.

  “I don’t know about this…” Nikki gulped, glancing down, seeing the diaper half secured.

  “Oh, come on,” Alyssa teased. “It isn’t real, right?”

  Before Nikki could stop her, she ripped open the other tape and slapped it down, and Nikki was in diapers for the first time in years. She was transported back in time… But not to herself as an insecure, anxious teenager with a problem… She frowned, feeling a wetness on her face, reaching up to wipe it off, her hand seeming clumsy and almost foreign… Until she saw her thumb. Greedily, she forgot about the drool already leaking from her mouth and began sucking noisily on the digit.

  Everything felt weird and hazy; there was a part of her that was aware this was wrong, that she shouldn’t be crawling around on the floor, drooling and sucking her thumb, wearing a diaper, but that part seemed very far away at the moment. She could hear the other two girls giggling, and while she somehow knew it was at her, she couldn’t help giving a burbling laugh back. They were saying words, things she was positive she ought to understand, yet they might as well have been gibberish.

  She felt nice and calm and content… Until her tummy began to ache. Fear struck a section of her mind, the one that knew what was happening, while her body wiggled, finally settling on a position with her backside up in the air. A moment later, warm mush began to ooze out into her diaper, giving her another reason to squirm, to try to get away from it, only to feel it growing, and spreading….

  “Well?” Alyssa asked, giggling and squatting down in front of her older sister. “Do you think it’s real now?”

  Later, when she got a change, and, consequently, the mental regression the diaper had forced on her ended, she would agree, and apologize for ever doubting her sister… Now, all she could do was keep sucking and pooping, unsure why, unaware – beyond an inkling that this wasn’t right – that she was really an adult woman, just the perfect, baby-brained victim of the magic diapers.


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sanitary napkin uv treated sterilizer machine Diaper Machine:The Princess’s Castle

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